Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 4

 We started our day at 8:45 this morning -  we got to sleep in! Our first stop was at the United States Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam. We talked to Michael Ward (please forgive him, he's a Packers fan from Wisconsin) and Mark Dries, who work for the USDA. We talked mostly about imports and exports between the United States and Vietnam. They complete very important work- build relationships, improve economic well-being of Vietnam, United States, Cambodia, and Laos. They work to resolve many issues for both countries. This year, 2015, marks the 20 year anniversary of Renormalization of U.S and Vietnam after the war, which started in 1995.  

 After visiting the Embassy, we visited one of the local Markets in Hanoi. This market had products such as pork, chicken, duck, dog, frogs, assorted fish, with assorted "offals" (intestines, feet, head), rice, all fresh and cooked on sight. Vietnamese people do not prefer frozen food, therefore they attend the market once a day to purchase needed foods.  

We walked the French Quarter and streets in Hanoi after dinner at the Five Spice Restaurant. The streets of Hanoi are indescribable; they are constantly full of people, motor bikes, and small scale shops (mom and pop shops). Each street has a theme; one street is food, the next is paper goods, hardware, steel, and so on. 

Towards late afternoon, we packed up and headed towards the airport. We arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia at approximately 8:30 PM. Everyone is excited for the adventures to come. Now, we relax at the Tara Angkor Hotel to set out for another day tomorrow.

 Tyler Krcil and Lindsey Eliason



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